Friday, November 20, 2015

So much . . .

So much depends

yellow woods

a red canoe. . . .

(I intended to post this last month, but the month evaporated. The yellow leaves are now gone, but the red canoe remains.)



  1. Funny how a stretch of time that seems so long can evaporate so quickly.

  2. Beautiful, thoughtful picture. Why does time evaporate so easily?

  3. Seasons & changes...a mystery to reflect on...the red canoe that goes on through time...

  4. It always a big wish to actually contact you, one of my favorite poets of all time. I enjoyed reading your poetry and books. I literally love everything! Love that dog that is in my house’s book shelf so that I can read it again. I love your writing style, how you use incredible techniques and vivid description of the story. Walk Two Moons, is one of my favorite books with deep meaning inside it. I always remember the famous quote, “Don’t judge a man until you walked two moon in mocassins.” Me, myself love writing, and I consider it a type of stress relief and something to express myself. I have few questions I would like to ask you. What do you when you are stuck while writing? Why did first start your writing career? And finally, first when you write how do think of ideas? I live in Seoul, Korea, it would be good if you can visit my school Korean International School in Pangyo.